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ABOUT Gravity Feed

Gravity Feed What is it?
Gravity Feed can be described as an Acœphale community; that is, a body deprived of a head; lacking a leader, a director, reasonable reason, reckoning and measure. It is given over to the instinctive refusal to accept any power, its committee pretends to organise disorganisation while all the time only respecting the latter.

How the work is made?
Before the commencement of each production, the ideas and psychology driving the work are thourghly examined and questioned by the core memebers of the group. The work is made by a graudual process of immersion of the ego into the world of the set. During rehersal there is an undoing, an unworking, a process that aims at reaching the seat of the unconscious where the materiality, exteriority, shape and movement of the set communicates to the body of the performer. By means of this transference, intensites are choregraphed and let loose to animate bodies and matter.

Gravity Feed

What can be expected from Gravity Feed?
Gravity Feed differs from a social cell in that it does not allow itself to create a work and does not have production value as its aim. In order not to limit itself Gravity Feed does nothing. What matters to Gravity Feed is that it let the possibility of a spontaneous communication manifest itself, a carnavalesque redoubling, the performing of a world in disarray, the enacting of the ambiguous presence of an instantly realised utopia. Each performance event is less a gathering of audience, performer, set, lighting and sound, than its always imminent dispersal; it is a presence momentarily occupying a whole space and nevertheless without a place (utopia); it is an activity announcing its own unworking. That which is invoked in a Gravity Feed performance, is the original precreational chaos, the night without end, the outside, the unhinging, a lapse in the logic of the universe, a mistake.

Gravity Feed's performances are not so much driven by a philosophy as by the enactment of a psychology. What is gathered together in a Gravity Feed show is the impact of excessive moments, which aim not to shock but rather to create a traumatic disruption of individual fantasies. The performers' body is caught up in paroxysms, compulsive repetitive actions, architecture is exploded into displacement and compression, light and darkness are extreme, sound reverberates deep down in the hollow. All of this opens onto the irrationality, the meaningless nonsensical state at the heart of the obsessive character which permeates the world.
Stool Pigeons

The universe invoked by Gravity Feed is Kafkan: it is the nothingness of revelation; the surplus of address over meaning; the pristine nihilistic universe devoid of propositional content yet capable of getting under the skin; a traumatic universe in which the mind is left possessed of something that profoundly matters without being a full-fledged thought or emotion. Under the shape of an architectural presence, both Castle and Law, performers and audience are swept along by a mysterious force, an unbinding disruptive core, an excess of life which impacts with compressed possibility.