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Monstrous Body

"What did we do when we detached this world from its sun? Where is it going now? Where are we going now? Far from all the suns? Are we not just endlessly falling? Backwards, sideways, forward, in every direction? Is there still an up and a down? Are we not being borne aimlessly into an endless void?"
(Nietzsche: Thus Spake Zarathustra )

pre-visualisation Monstrous Body Monstrous Body is the fifth work in a series of architecturally developed performance projects. Our aim is to invoke a labyrinth, a maze, in which a roaming-audience loses itself in a spatial disorientation and intoxication. Like torn flags whipped about in the wind, performer, audience and set are swept along by forces over which they have little control. What results is the movement of things that collide and that set other things in motion, a rhythm of abrupt and unpredictable changes and shifts; a rhythm which determines the structure of the plot. The labyrinth, is a multi-layered and multi-level environment comprised of a dense maze of semi-clear hanging baffles which totally envelop the audience; it is an insurmountable ambiguous spatial structure in which one does not know whether one is being expelled or enclosed; a space composed uniquely of openings, where one never knows whether they are on the inside or the outside, or whether one is leaving or entering; it is an arena tightly packed with hanging material which the audience must negotiate alone.

This labyrinth has no logic, direction, entrance or exit. Each individual baffle will turn on its axis with every movement, touch, nudge or breeze. The experience lies not only in the total disorientation it creates, but also in the layered and multi-faceted visual field which it can present from any position, whether internal or external to the structure. These effects are enhanced and developed by the quality of the lighting and sound designs, both of which are a tangible presence in Gravity Feed's events.

Monstrous Body Monstrous Body
Monstrous Body Monstrous Body Monstrous Body