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Full Turning Circle

Full Turning Circle Full Turning Circle (1994) was Gravity Feed's fire and ice outdoor spectacular, made for Sidetrack's CPW5. Based in the community car-park, it featured flaming torches, a road traffic victim, performers embracing large blocks of ice and distant figures walking on the rooftops.

A circle of headlights shinning from cars are focused on a victim who lies under the melting weight of glacial debris that has fallen out of the sky; dropping like dead weights out of the dark-air, both performers and audience form a bizarre gathering in the circling heat of a huge fire whose embers rise to disappear into the night-sky, large blocks of ice are embraced by performers held closely, melting in time.


Full Turning Circle INFIRMED created in 1996 for Sidetrack's CPW7; a show which subverted the theatre building itself, physically penetrating the walls from outside in order to insert light on shuffling, dust enshrouded performers.

In the blackness of night bodies creep out of holes high up in walls, from under the floor viral bodies slide into the darkness of corners. The theatre is invaded, steel bits grind and screech through walls that offer no protection, beams of light, whose source is unknown, perforate the inner world to reveal shuffling golem and infectious dust on the air. A rattling milk crate filled with the impermanence of a thin blue flame circling in and out becomes the ethereal place from which the walls of the theatre are exploded.


OMEN-AMEN OMEN-AMEN (CPW6., 1995) was an outdoor performance which featured a public toilet block whose signs had been altered to read OMEN AMEN, frequent overhead air-traffic and an archer on the roof of Sidetrack Theatre.

OMEN-AMEN A flaming torch is fired across the sky, it buries into its target. Five guilty men stand with their backs turned to their accusing audience. Sound booms out from the surrounding world. The gossamer-like nature of reality is revealed; a letter added here, one missing there, and all is altered. Five men turn to face an entranced audience, with giant bounds they step off into darkness.

Stool Pigeons

Stool Pigeons Stool Pigeons (1997) created for Sidetrack's CPW8 , examined themes of treachery and betrayal using white bed sheets and folding camp stools as protagonists. An outdoor version: Sheetwork was performed as a contribution to Urban Theatre Projects' community based Trackwork, performed on Granville Station.